Shenzhen International Poster Festival selection

The series of posters HANDS OFF MY REALITY! is about a state of self-deception that we live in. Our mental constructs come as a prison for the concepts of world design, philosophy and environment. Constructs were implanted into our subconsciousness under different circumstances, often very disadvantageous to us—mainly in the most vulnerable, early age. We live unconsciously with an imposed perception of the world. We believe in weird things, proclaim nonsense, fight for elusive notions, sometimes in a very aggressive way.


Posters depict the common conspiracy theory statements. They are presented in a very expressive and even aggressive manner symbolising bigotry and intolerance of idea defenders. They are screaming: ’Take your fucking hands off my world, hands off my reality!’


Post-truth era that some observers announced to be happening now is attributed to a critical mass of internet users linked to a global network that helps to sustain the most eccentric ’truths’. Surprisingly, with even wider access to the internet, society did not become resistant to made-up ’facts’. Instead of verifying information from different sources and dismantling obvious fake news, people seem to accept every ’raw-cooked’ material given it fits their inner belief framework. Capsulating in an information bubble creates a feeling of reality that seems to be genuine and reassuring.



Some authors deduce that post-truth supremacy is rooted in the cultural revolution of 60s where alternative reality acceptance was induced by a psychedelic experience. Some tend to see a slide to a fantasy world resulting from a major paradigm shift in the Western politics in 70s, when the overwhelming complexity of the global and local conflicts pushed politicians to create and manage their own reality. It was a cure for shifting and unstable world, a new remedy that offered a simplification in assigning friends and foes, good and bad, right and wrong. And this simplicity proved to be very appealing.


However, it seems that personal reality or a selective approach to facts that reinforce illusive constructs is not just a matter of global development or technological advances. It appears that living in a dream world is the very essence of the human psychology design.


The philosophical debate over the epistemological nature of cognition indicates that knowing the truth is probably impossible. Every actor receives and remits information in a unique and fragmented manner. Our perceptive and cognitive abilities are quite limited, we are blindmen in a hostile environment.


In these circumstances, would we have any particular reason to claim the truth, declare objectivity or condemn fake news when all our knowledge about facts appears to be very personal and has nothing to do with objectivity? Ability to understand and accept other’s truth is the ability to transcend own limits, even if ’truth’ may seem very eccentric.