Impugn is a woman clothes brand from Saint Petersburg. Driving forces behind the brand are notions of conflict, contradiction and a power of art. Impugn is about questioning, challenging, disputing the way things are but, at the same time, suggesting unexpected answers, ideas to think of.

Given so powerful brand name, it was agreed to harness the whole of it. Impugn is an igniting word, releasing its energy when pronounced or perceived visually. The logotype is based on the letterforms supported and balanced by four stroke-wide rectangles.


Identity principles create a framework for promotion materials and packaging design.

The layout is based on 5:8 proportion—a classical ratio referencing to logotype composition. Margins are narrow and equal on all sides.

Logotype construct is based on a golden ratio proportion that gives a sense of harmony despite irregular form.

Impugn logotype composition gives a sense of irregular, contradictory structure, emits the idea of disagreement and action. Through its simplified forms, it prompts a reference to Modernism revolution that has radically reshaped our perception of the visual world.