1. Delightful peace. Intriguing and warm feelings. Three dimensional form reflects the depth of emotions

2. Scattered Love. Love theme is exibited through ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty

Fours posters have been commissioned to promote event in Warsaw. Abstract artworks made of small squares (Kwadratowa is derived from word kwadrat — a square) were chosen as reflecting the idea of Kwadratowa being the home for alternative art and music. Each of four artworks presents the character of event, form and colour emphasize the mood. Abstract form invokes very personal perception.





Series of posters for Kwadracast music events in Kwadratowa café that have been held regularly throughout 2015-2016. The focus has been put on Warsaw alternative electronic music scene with well-respected musicians as well as beginners hosted on Sunday evenings at Kwadratowa.




3. Spontaneous randomness.Unpredictable and accidental pieces creating a finite entirety.

4. Floating surfaces. Upholds ligtness and represents irregularity in patterns of movement. Ptaki means birds in Polish.