Making of Transitions Vol. 1

Transitions zine is a private project assumed as a collection of thoughts, reflections and artworks conceived and developed in a certain period in time.


The zine is about the transformation that everyone undergoes and celebration of a constant change state.


The first volume was issued in March 2018 and is to be followed by the second in half year's time in a different format, as the Transition notion assumes.

Transitions is the space for presenting thoughts, reflections, art and ideas. The scope is very flexible but, generally, content gravitates towards sensitive, postmodernistic view on the modern and future phenomena. Artists, writers, philosophers are invited to continue this work and enrich it with other facets.



Transitions artzine convention was to present the thoughts and artworks in a raw and brutal way, utilising contrast and expression as a leverage for delivering a message. One of reflections inside a zine states that visual communication has lost its power, while visual impression might be even more effective nowadays. Transitions is about a visual impression that imprints ideas on the most sensitive tissue - our emotions.

Artzine was printed a laser printer, the output is very black intense. All bookbinding works were carried out manually with a use of press, glue and stitches. Cut with a knife and guillotine.



Transitions artzine vol. 1 has a tiny, very handy size 115x190 mm. Printed on a recycled paper by Remake: 120g oyster and 250g smoke.