The poster has been prepared for Posterheroes: Shaping the Future contest that sought to raise global and local challenges we might face in the future. I have selected and developed an important but rather overlooked issue related to future of the national state concept and possible alternative to it - a city state.

Nation-sates are a no longer valid organizational concept. Conceived and implemented at the early 18th century across Europe, it is now vanishing. Since that time a lot has changed, drastically in most of industries. We are living now in a digital era where ‘borders’ is an obsolete concept. This brings a notion of a nation to an end as well. New conditions and a transformed mindset requires new solutions. Only big cities as centres for new age technological development will capture the whole lot of economy as it would be predominantly digital and virtual.

Nation states fail to address new world challenges due to national egoism. Cities have much more in common than nations. Cities can form a new platform for Europe: free European cites as a global superpower state based on technological progress, openness and pluralism.


With more than 80% of the EU population living in cities by 2050, the new city states will unite most of Europe and give an opportunity to the rest to accommodate in a new state